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Easy One-Pot Spicy Sausage and Chicken Rice

Savor the ease and flavor of our One-Pot Spicy Sausage and Chicken Rice, a perfect blend of hearty ingredients and bold spices, all simmered in one pot for a deliciously satisfying meal. Ideal for busy weeknights or when you crave a spicy, comforting dinner.

Easy One-Pot Spicy Sausage and Chicken Rice, the ultimate comfort food for a hearty dinner! 🍲 This simple yet delicious recipe that combines the savoury goodness of sausage and chicken with the perfect blend of spices and rice, all cooked in one pot for maximum flavour and minimum cleanup. Whether you're looking for a quick weeknight dinner or a satisfying meal to share with friends, this spicy sausage and chicken rice will not disappoint.

Servings: 4 - Prep: 10 min - Cook: 40 min - Total: 50 min


  • 3 sausages crumbled

  • 200g chicken breast/thighs diced

  • 1 onion diced

  • 3 cloves garlic finely chopped

  • 250g Paella rice

  • 150ml white wine

  • 650 ml chicken stock

  • 1/2 tsp food colouring

  • 2 TBSP Sriracha sauce

  • Salt & pepper to taste


  1. Heat 2 tbsp of vegetable oil in a large non-stick pan with a lid. Fry the crumbled sausage until it slightly browns, then add the diced chicken and fry for 3 minutes. Remove the meat from the pan, and set it aside on a plate.

  2. Add the diced onion and garlic to the pan. Sauté for about 5 minutes, or until softened.

  3. Then pour in 150 ml of white wine and allow the alcohol to evaporate. Return the chicken and sausage to the pan, mixing well. Cook for a minute before adding the rice, food colouring, sriracha sauce, and chicken stock, and season with salt and pepper to taste.

  4. Bring to a boil, then cover and reduce the heat to medium-low. Let it simmer for 20-25 minutes. Leave it to stand covered for 10 minutes, then fluff lightly with a fork and serve.


You can add frozen mixed vegetables. Stir in the vegetables 5 minutes before the end of the cooking time.